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Isavuconazole is a novel water-soluble, broad-spectrum antifungal.

Isavuconazole's extended antifungal spectrum covers most yeasts and molds including fluconazole resistant candida strains, aspergillus and zygomyces that cause serious infections in patients with a weakened immune system. Isavuconazole is water-soluble and can be given by injection or orally. It is highly bio-available and can be administered in convenient once-daily or once-weekly dosing regimens supporting patient-tailored treatment schemes. Patients who suffer from invasive fungal infections and those with adjunct renal dysfunction in particular, have limited treatment options. Isavuconazole may fulfill these patients´ severe medical need for an IV or oral antifungal agent that has the potential for less drug-drug interactions than a number of other drugs in current use.
Drug information
Highest Dev Status Phase 3
Therapeutic AreaAnti-Infective
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Identified Action Mechanisms2
Literature NCBI